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About Our
Greeting Cards

Our papers are made from 70% recycled papers, which it is FSC certified papers. The papers are made with materials from well-managed forests or recycled sources.


We also use a printer and ink with a recent technology of EA-Eco Toner, which helps create zero waste. It is a recent energy-saving trend from FUJIFILM


We use a printer with an EA-Eco Toner technology, a recent technology from FUJIFILM that slowly melting polyester and completely oil-free. Because of a lower fusing temperature (more than 20 ºC compared with others), the printer produced less CO2 and the power consumption can be reduced by

approximately 35% to 40% 

Every 5 percent of our profit will be donated to selected non-profit organizations

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About Our
Tote Bags

Our first collection tote bags including three different designs. We want to create a collection of three canvas bags that include animals that live in three different environments -  on land, in the ocean, and up in the sky.

We draw and paint using color pencils and slowly putting different shades of colors in the painting. The process took around two days.


The materials that we use are canvas and serge fabric.

We acquire these fabrics from a local factory. We use high-quality clothes to lockstitch the sides of the tote bag.


The size of the bag is 16.5 x 17 inches.


About Our

Our stickers are made with a PP sticker, which is thinner than the PVC sticker. It is durable and reusable. After we made the stickers, the remainder or scrap will be recycled.

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